Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain (DVD)


Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain (DVD)


Rooted in the time-tested practices of Yoga and Qigong, this unique program is based in over twenty years of research in therapeutic movement and self-healing modalities.

In this DVD you will learn how to heal your own neck and shoulder pain naturally, using gentle restorative exercises, breathing techniques, self-massage, and important adjustments to your everyday posture and body mechanics that will reduce repetitive stress and relieve chronic tension.

In an easy to use format, this program empowers you with a deeper understanding of your own body, and the techniques you will need to reclaim and maintain the health of your neck and shoulders.

Highlights of Heal Neck & Shoulder Pain

  • Two Gentle Movement Routines (20 min each): The Mobility Set helps restore pain-free range of motion, while the Fluidity Set rebuilds functional strength and integrity of your neck and shoulders. Routines are easy to follow, and yield powerful results.
  • Posture & Body Mechanics: Important tips on how to support your neck and shoulders while driving, working on a computer, lifting, and sleeping
  • Tips for Frozen Shoulder: Two secrets to unlocking frozen shoulder
  • Healing Soundtrack: Music by Benjy Wertheimer, Michael Mandrell, and Shantala transports you to mystical Celtic landscapes and the enchanting lands of the East
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"Tremendous freedom and release in my shoulders and upper back"

“Personally, I have experienced tremendous freedom and release in my shoulders and upper back since beginning this series. I had tried numerous other methods to relieve my shoulder tension before Cain's work was available. I never thought I'd experience such openness and accessibility within my body again.”

- Laraine Herring author of Writing Begins With the Breath and The Writing Warrior

“My pain improved immediately” 

"I have cervical stenosis, facet arthropathy, and herniated disks in C3-4, 4-5, 5-6, and C6-7. I have participated, over the years, in physical therapy twice, and used Vinyoga techniques to help. Not only was this dvd easy to use, but I felt some improvement by the time I finished the two different sets of therapy provided by Cain Carroll. My only wish is that Cain Carroll will put together a program for the Lumbar back. I really need it."

 Vivian A. Collins

"Easy to follow"

"When I played the DVD, I did not stop at any time, because Cain Carrol explains every move very clearly and with patience so I had the time to do the exercises while he was talking. Even for people who's native language is not English (I am from the Netherlands), it is easy to follow. Normally I have to stop the DVD and look again, because it is going to fast, but this one is perfect. I am very pleased with this DVD."   


"Help you won't get anyplace else"

"I got this video for my chronic neck/upper back after reading the good reviews on it. I totally agree with them. Have had physical therapy since my back surgery which did not do the job, but since starting this a month ago, have had very good results with lowering the muscle tension/burning/locked neck symptoms. This is not an instant cure, but if you are consistent with it, can help heal the symptoms. Cain Carroll says to do it for 100 days, alternating the 2 routines he has and that is what I am doing. Regular yoga has been too rough on my upper back/neck area but the motions and stretches with this are gentle enough for even me with my fibromyalgia. I do recommend it. We are also thinking of trying his video for helping with digestive disorders."  

 Debra Collin