Digestive Power (DVD)


Digestive Power (DVD)


In this 75 min. DVD, health and fitness expert, Cain Carroll, teaches you easy-to-learn postures, movements, and breathing exercises that will improve your digestion radically, along with 15 must-know secrets for superior digestive health. If you suffer from constipation, acid reflux, gas and bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, or any other common digestive challenge, this program is for you!

Highlights of Digestive Power

  • Two easy to follow digestive healing routines based in Yoga and Qigong: The Digestive Tune Up (15 min.), and the complete Digestive Healing Set (30 min.) deliver powerful results.
  • 15 Secrets of Superior Digestion: These are the most important dietary and lifestyle adjustments you can make to ensure the long-term health of your digestive system.
  • Healing Soundtrack: Music by Benjy Wertheimer, Michael Mandrell, and Shantala transports you to mystical Celtic landscapes and the enchanting lands of the East.
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"The methods Cain employs here are not only time-tested but research proven."

As a physician, I cannot over-emphasize the importance of good digestion to overall health. For people seeking to improve their digestive health and overall wellbeing, Cain Carroll’s integrative program will be of great benefit. The methods Cain employs here are not only time-tested but research proven. I highly recommend this DVD!

 Dr. Eric Udell, Medical Director, Arizona Natural Health Center

"His program is an asset to my wellness regimen."

"Cain's presentation is a relaxing, innovative approach to digestive concerns from a paradigm that too often falls outside mainstream consideration. His program is an asset to my wellness regimen; its easily accessible, yet challenging enough to keep me engaged. The stunning backdrop is visually pleasing and evokes a certain quietude, along with the musical selection it turns this workout into a mini-vacation!"

 Dr. Lori Kimata, ND

"My energy and stamina stay strong throughout the entire day."

I have always had a very sensitive digestive system and had to be careful about what I ate. The information, movements, and exercises on this dvd are wonderful. They are especially good for me to use on the days I haven't been as careful with my diet. I also find if I do these exercises on a regular basis (3 to 5 times a week), my energy and stamina stay strong throughout the entire day. The steps to superior digestion are easy to use, and have been easy to utilize with each meal, whether I'm eating at home or at a restaurant. I highly recommend this dvd to anyone who would like to feel better, and look better. I alternate the two routines and look forward to doing it each day.

 C. Kaull