Expect huge changes, challenges, deep love and a certainty
that your life will be different—more colorful, more open, more brilliant.
— Sharman Summers


Make a shift toward greater health, wealth, and happiness. 


In which Sphere of Life do you desire transformation the most? 


Physical  |  Mental  |  Emotional  |  Spiritual  |  Sexual  |  Relational  |  Financial  |  Creative  |  Environmental  |  Ancestral


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Coaching sessions can help you: 

  • Relieve pain and heal from chronic illness

  • Resolve trauma and cultivate emotional wellbeing

  • Develop mental clarity and focus

  • Gain confidence and overcome fears (social anxiety, public speaking, performance anxiety, etc)

  • Find direction on the spiritual path and develop your personal practice

  • Cultivate deeper intimacy and fulfillment in your relationships

  • Develop effective strategies for building your career and wealth

  • Foster better family dynamics and wellness at home

  • Release guilt and shame around body image, gender identification, and sexuality

  • Gain the edge on your competition in any field: athletics, academia, medicine, business, art, etc.

  • Reconnect to your passion and purpose anytime you're feeling stuck or lost

I work with adults, children, couples, and families.

Sessions are held in Los Gatos and Mill Valley (CA) and via video chat or phone from anywhere in the world.*

Our initial meeting and intake lasts between 90 - 120 minutes and costs $400. 

Subsequent sessions run one hour (50 min together + 10 min notes / prep).


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To purchase a Session Package, click HERE and let us know which package you want. We will send you an invoice via Paypal of Zelle.

All session packages include a 20-Minute guided (by Cain) Clearbright Meditation MP3 audio file.

Packages are valid for 9 months from the date of purchase and are non-refundable. Clients holding coaching packages receive priority scheduling.

Single one-hour sessions cost $200. 

*Advanced payment is required for Skype/FaceTime and phone sessions. 

**24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Sessions canceled or rescheduled with less than 24-hours notice are billed at full price. 

Click here for FAQS. 

If you are serious about pursuing self-healing and self-cultivation, and would like to have the opportunity to work together, please click the link below to fill out the application form. 

I look forward to working with you!

Cain has not changed my life; Cain has given me guidance, instruction and tools to change my own life. He saw a me I couldn’t see—and the more he showed me what he saw, the more I could move into my own truth.
— Laraine Herring, author of The Writing Warrior
Through Cain’s wisdom, guidance and teachings I have truly begun the journey back into balance, harmony, and living from my true self. This sense of centered embodiment is helping me breathe in my full potential.
— Batya Ellinoy
Cain’s unique view and teachings have given me an amazing basis for my own personal growth. He has a way of turning even the simplest concept into a form of self-realization and growth. His patience, awareness and understanding seem to be limitless.
— Johanna Traut
Cain has given me priceless knowledge and skills I will use for the rest of my life. His passion shines through in all of his teachings, and it is clear that his knowledge comes from love and many years of personal practice. I utilize the wisdom he has given me each and every day.
— Sandra Quackenbush