What is a typical coaching session like?

Our initial meeting is a 90-minute Life Spheres Assessment to understand which areas of your life are most challenging, where your inner resources are strong, and where you'd like to grow the most.

This helps us decide on a focal point for the first phase of our work.   

After the initial intake and assessment, regular sessions run 50 minutes (+ 10 minutes of note making on my end after the session). 

Since each of my clients is unique, each session unfolds differently.

Typical sessions include:

  • Talking through formative experiences and traumas to understand your conscious and unconscious beliefs
  • Reframing old assumptions into deliberate views
  • Reframing self-defeating habits into cohesive action 
  • Emotional release practices
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Strategies for goal accomplishment
  • Self-care practices

What principles do you apply in your sessions? 

  1. Radical Self-Honesty: Our first step together is to face what's real in all Spheres of your life. 
  2. Radical Vulnerability: I invite you courageously embrace all aspects of your being. I accept you as you are. 
  3. Radical Accountability: Happiness in an inside job. There are no saviors or silver bullets (magic pills). I will support you all the way, yet only you can free yourself.
  4. Kindness: I live from the heart and deeply care for every person I work with. I am warm and loving. My job is to help you heal and grow. For this, kindness is the best medicine. 
  5. Clarity: I am unrelenting in the pursuit of what is true. My job is to help you cut through habits and beliefs that are self-defeating. For this, wisdom is the best medicine.
  6. Interconnectedness: All aspects of life are interdependent and of equal importance.  Suffering in one Sphere affects all other Spheres. Brightness in any Sphere uplifts all other Spheres. Our work together is truly integrative. 
  7. Inherent Wholeness: I see you as innately complete (never flawed or in need of fixing). My job is to hold this vision of you until you recognize it for yourself and know -- beyond any doubt  -- that you are perfect and whole.
  8. Equality: Regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, education, or experience, I treat all my clients with equal care and respect.
  9. Enjoyment: I love what I do. I always bring a sense of humor, creativity, and playfulness to my sessions.

How often do you recommend we meet?

Over the years, I have found that weekly sessions produce the best results. 

Continuity and accountability are huge parts of success in this work. I usually suggest we start with weekly sessions and adjust if we feel the need. 

Most people accomplish their best inner work and positive transformation by focusing on a specific goal or Sphere for 12 weeks. 

What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, QuickPay (Zelle, used by all major US banks), and PayPal.