There is nothing beyond

There is only the animal, this elemental body-mind-spirit.

There is no indwelling objective observer. Mind is matter looking at its own reflection. Energy is consciousness birthing itself. Music is silence turned inside out. The entire cosmos is one body. No separation whatsoever exists. No heaven. No hell. No sacred. No profane.

All forms, all names, are only wholeness within wholeness. The unnamable. A cohesive tissue, totally inclusive, arching and curling, rubbing against itself in ecstatic expression. Skin wet with beads of sweat from the wave-like action of making love with eternity.

Awakening is nothing more than arriving here in the midst of the already integral.

Where else is there to be?

Embodiment is enlightenment.

Not the separate body of our concepts -- the point of reference we assume is "I" -- that's an erroneous myth. It's the body of totality, of which everything is a part, that we yearn for. The animal body. The salivating body. This, right here. 

This dirt.
These bones.  
This blood.
These people.

What is practice, then?

Eat. Shit. Bathe. Work. Drink. Sing. Dance. Love. Mate. Sleep.

The earthly path of heavenly awakening is just this.

There is nothing beyond.