Social blueprint

The primary driver of our society is cosmology.

The myths we unconsciously believe, and the assumptions we hold, form a world-view that shapes our choices. Our mental framework functions like a blueprint. It informs how we think, speak, and act.

An architectural blueprint contains the specifics of how a building will be built. It there are structural errors in the blueprint, the building will not be sound. Imagine the consequences of a sky-scraper constructed without skillful consideration of the laws of physics, gravity, and so on. 

Our collective cosmology is a social blueprint.

And we find ourselves at a critical point where we can no longer afford to build our civilization from an unedited draft.

Our current cosmology is riddled with misunderstandings about the basic laws of the cosmos. Despite compelling evidence to the contrary (from ancient wisdom traditions, quantum physics, and deep ecology) the myth we still unconsciously believe is one of scarcity, separation, and conflict. 

The battle of the sexes.

Man vs. Nature.

Mind over matter.

Black and white at odds. 

God vs. devil. 

The "us" and "them" fallacy. 

Until the underlying world-view that informs these stories is dismantled, we will continue to construct our collective experience from the same blueprint. 

If it's change we want, we must ask ourselves the pressing question: 

Do we welcome the shattering of our old beliefs systems, or -- out of habit and fear -- do we clutch to and defend what we think we know?

To build a different society, we need a different blueprint.