gives us first-hand information about our experience. This is the best type of research we can do.

Too often, we rely on what we've learned from outside. This second-hand information can be dangerous. It places a gap between us and our own direct experience.

On the path of self-cultivation, we easily fall trap to lofty ideals of how we ought to behave based on a set of "higher" concepts. Knowledge gleaned from outside can make our mind overly busy. Seeking. Seeking. "One day I'll get it right," we say to ourselves.

The whole game is a hoax.

We end up becoming something we are not. Everything we need to wake up and thrive is contained within. Our innate wisdom is fully operative -- all the time -- we just need to recognize it.

Through the process of self-observation, we identify and release what we are not. As we do this, asense of openness emerges.

The heart lightens.