Perfectly in process

Perfectly in process

You are perfect as you are; already and always complete. At the same time, you are constantly evolving and learning.

These two truths are mutually supportive: innate wholeness and eternal growth.

It is easy to overemphasize the personal development side of our practice. We can "work on ourselves" until our final breath, but what about contentment right now? Have you noticed how "the day when I get my shit sorted out" seems to move forward in time as you do? Self-cultivation can become a carrot we dangle just beyond our own reach; a cruel game of spiritually intoxicated self-judgement.

It's helpful to be motivated -- to cut through our conditioned reactivity and strive for a more full expression of our capacity -- but not at the expense of our heart's need for total self-acceptance. At the deepest level, we don't need to be healed, fixed or improved. What the heart yearns for is Being.

To navigate the delicate balance between perfection and process, this is our life-long practice.