Pain and confusion

It's not always about
and purpose.

we don't have
the answers,
the energy,
the impetus. 

In challenging moments
we might be
vividly aware
of the chaos,
the confusion,
the pain. 

To repress
these feelings
is to risk losing
our basic sanity
and miss the opportunity
to have an audience
with Wisdom. 

If we demand
perpetual order
and wear masks  
of happiness
to cover naked reality,
we are guilty
of aggression
toward self,
and violence
toward Life. 

Chaos is the mother
of order,
and beauty.  

Do we embrace her?

Confusion is the father
of insight,
and wisdom. 

Do we respect him? 

Pain is a child
throwing a tantrum
to get noticed,
to get love. 

Do we care enough?