Leisure and love

Summer is the time
for leisure and love.

Unabashed indulgence
in nourishing pleasure
is medicine
for body, mind, and spirit.

Wholesome enjoyment
heals us in so many ways:

Make love at dawn
(with yourself or a partner)
to the songs of birds.

Cook a gourmet breakfast
just the way you like it.

Disappear into that fantastic book
for endless hours. 

Travel whimsically
to places that inspire
wonder and awe. 

Swim in cool natural waters
and remember
the purity of life. 

Bask in the delicious shade
of grand old trees. 

Drink the golden elixir of sunset
through your eyes and skin. 

Curl into un-rushed afternoon naps
and awaken later
with rosewater spritz. 

Dine outdoors
under the royal blue canopy
of infinite sky. 

Dance to live music
played by passionate artists
who can't stop smiling. 

Practice, at least for a time, 
the wonderful art
of being un-productive
and doing nothing at all.