Poem Three from the 2017 Alchemy Workshop Series

.      .      .  

The paths of self-healing, 
And self-realization
Are less about gain;
More about loss.

Loss of all that no longer serves.

This type of loss is not the ordinary loss we loath
It is a simple and potent medicine
Used by sages and adepts
To treat the root cause of suffering. 

The formula can be summarized in two words:

Take inventory. 

It's is simple
And free
And relentlessly effective. 

But there is a catch. 

The medicine is not glamorous. 

There are no heros. 
No certifications. 
No award ceremonies. 

The method entails asking
A few honest questions,
Then backing up the answers
With decisive action.

        Which of my possessions are superfluous?

        Which of my relationships are riddled with obligation?

        Which of my habits are self-defeating?

        Which of my beliefs are no longer relevant?

        Which of my feelings result from holding old grudges?

        Which of my fears are holding me back?