I can't do this without you

I can't breathe.

I can't think.

I can't move.

I can't eat.

I can't dress. 

I can't live.

To simply write these words, I rely on countless people, most of whom I've never met: Engineers, programers, computer sales people, the UPS driver who delivered my laptop, the farmer who grew my breakfast, the carpenter who built my desk, the teachers who taught me to read and write.

To sit here and draw a single oxygen-filled breath, I rely on an endless number of photosynthesizing plants and micro-algae. 

To produce a single thought, billions of friendly bacteria living in my digestive track help to extract nutrients from food and turn matter into energy (ATP). Without these non-human organisms living inside my body, not a single synapse would fire. Nothing. Would. Happen. 

Even the event of my own birth was not my doing. This body is the work -- or shall we say, the frisky play -- of my parents and ancestors. 

The list of collaborators goes on indefinitely. 

Nothing is accomplished alone. 

The great web of life contains us all; each unavoidably connected to the others in an incomprehensible matrix of exquisite cooperation. 

Our power is in relationship with each other and all things. 

Together we thrive!