Follow the signal

Follow the signal

When you feel an authentic pull from your center to move in a certain direction, go!

It doesn’t matter that you can't see the entire picture or comprehend how all the details play out.

It's rare that we know exactly how our endeavors will unfold. Inspiration normally doesn't come with a detailed flow chart mapping every twist and turn. Preparation and planning are important, but they can also become the ultimate excuse. 

How many bestsellers are never written? How many startups never get started?

Failing to act on our inner calling because of a lack of information is one of the many ways we can undermine our potential. The temptation to "stay small" -- to clutch to a conditioned safe place -- is always lurking the shadows of our reptilian brain. 

When excuses arise, penetrate them lovingly with innate wisdom. Reveal what is behind. Find out if it is true to move forward, or not. Maybe you honestly don't know.

This is viable, too.

To answer your own question without self-deception is what counts: What is your deepest aspiration? What is that thing that you simply must do in this life?

Friends, mentors, and some good old solitude can be of great help in gaining clarity. 

It boils down to this: Can you embody what you are without being confused by false ambition or fearful reluctance.

When it's true to step into your vision, fear may still be biting at your heels. Don't retreat. Don't belligerently charge. Instead, step forth with keen attentiveness and inner sensitivity to the changing conditions right in front of you.

If you lose the signal on your inner GPS, stop. Breathe. Stay open to non-knowing.

There is no rush.

Vision will resume; a magnetic pull will emerge again. When it does, proceed mindfully, without fixation on results.

This is what it means to be "on the Path," to fully engage in the process of advancing unabashedly into the unknown territory of each new moment.

Sometimes we are lost. Other times, spot on.

To enjoy the entirety of the journey, this is fulfillment unto itself.