Dew drop

Poem Five from the 2017
Alchemy Workshop Series

This is the final poem from the last class of 2017; a summary of the main teachings shared during the course.

.   .   .

The essential point
is subtle and elusive,
yet vivid within
our direct experience.
It is right Here
in our own flesh,
in our feelings,
and dreams. 

What is this so-called
essential point
that sages and mystics
implore us to notice? 

Inherent wholeness.

Not a single sliver of separation
has ever existed.
Unity is already and always
the only reality.

Life’s design is holographic;
the pattern of the whole
is contained in each part.

Here it is
inside our human form
the universal blueprint.

Thus the teachings
call us to look within
to return to the Hollow Body.

Hollow Body is unity itself,
a sky-like expanse
inside the skin
where all chakras are one,
all dan tien are one,
all meridians are one,
all elements born
of a common source. 

Hollow Body means
relaxed and open repose. 
It is dynamic and natural play
that supports circulation
of blood and vital energy. 

Our practice is to cultivate
this play sincerely
until we experience
effortless radiance of bodymind,
one integral space
of clarity and brightness.

There are two main types
of cultivation:
boiling and simmering.

Nourishment comes from simmering,
soft and gentle practice.
Transformation comes from boiling,
skillful intensity.

Through simmering and boiling,
we harvest our inner resources,
and return to the state
of child-like joy.

Yet, we cannot be careless. 
The Path has many obstacles,
all with common origins;
misalignment with Natural Law,
forgetfulness of our Innate Nature,
investment in the myth
of a separate and flawed self.

So we enter the living moment
and cultivate alignment
in body,
and mind.
Then, obstacles are transformed
into opportunities.

is the essence of healing,
and return. 

Alignment with what?

Immediate presence. 

The Light of life itself,
our own original Flame--
loving Awareness. 

All of this might be good and true,
but poetic words do not suffice
to convince us. 

So here we find ourselves
back a the beginning,
where the arc of time
comes full circle.

Over the past months
we have listened
to the reflections,
the View,
the teacher,
the Method,
and tasted
the Results.

What remains to be done?

Relinquish all doubt. 
Prove the teachings
through our own
somatic experience.
Take refuge in the Center,
and re-start the Path
with newfound confidence.

Make cultivation a priority. 

Let us not waste time in speculation.
Thinking does not heal or liberate.
Let us not bother waiting
for better circumstances.
The future is unreliable.

Everything is perfectly arranged.
The conditions may never
be more supportive.

Let us put everything
we've learned
to good use, 
light our own lamp,
and bear constantly in mind:

This precious human life evaporates
like a dew drop in the morning sun.

The time for practice is now!