Dark mystery

Poem Two from the 2017 Alchemy Workshop Series

.      .      .  

In her search for Light,
The sage plunges deep
Into the Dark Mystery.

She explores the totality of her being
And takes complete responsibility for her life.

The dynamic of cause and effect
Remains ever-clear in her mind.

She is not afraid
Of what lurks behind the shadows.
She has renounced avoidance,
Integrated Light and Dark. 

Accountability is her secret weapon.

“My life is my own making,” she thinks.

With this understanding
Vital energy returns to the Center,
Body and mind repair and rejuvenate,
Purpose and vigor ignite,
And living takes on new meaning.

“Yet, my life is not my own,” she reflects.

"The ancestors gave me this body.
My form is on loan from the cosmos.
This flesh, a garment
Woven from natural elements.
Body belongs to Heaven and Earth."

“I cultivate myself to give something back,” she exclaims.

The guiding light of internal alchemy,
And the true potency of self-transformation,
Is not ultimately to gain personal benefit.

But to serve others.

To do this, the sage burns destructive habits
In the cauldron of awareness,
Incinerates self-defeating tendencies
In the golden-red fire
Hidden deep in the Center.

“The sun never takes a day off from shining,” she whispers.

"My Original Mind is just like that!"

With patience and persistence,
Her practice begins to shine like the sun
And her heart glows like the midnight moon. 

As she illuminates her own life,
The world grows a little bit brighter.