Already and always

Poem Four from the 2017 Alchemy Workshop Series
(this is a summary of the meditation instructions given during the course)

.      .      .  

Assume the mind of a child.

Then, without making a fuss,
Arrange the limbs for optimal comfort and stability.
Sense the lower body as heavy, rooted, and warm.
The upper body light, open, and buoyant.

Breathe three cleansing breaths:

Slowly, in through the nose,
Receive freshness.
Powerfully, out through the mouth,
Wash bodymind free of dust.

Now, visualize your form
As crystal-clear vast open space,
One continuous hollow interior,
Absolutely pristine;
A transparent diamond-body.

All around you,
A billion stars
Shining radiant light
Into your hollow body.

Allow this light to saturate you.  

Then, come to rest in Center,
Deep in the cauldron of the belly.

Awareness -- your own “I” --
Abiding like a golden-red sun
Below the navel,
Above the genitals.

Be Here, 
Only Here, 
In the Center. 

Relax and allow
Your beautiful hollow body
To fill with ecstatic brilliance.


Effortless completion.


Original wholeness.


Pleasurable pulsation. 

There it is!

Already and always,
The luminous ground of being,
Your own Intrinsic Nature.