A divine love affair

A divine love affair

Unmodified, all appearances are innately divine. Each changing phenomenon -- impermanent like a flash of light -- is pristine and perfect as it is. Arising without end, dissolving without beginning, the primordial stream of appearances is equaled only by luminous awareness itself. Perhaps that is why She chooses only Him as her consort.

And yet the two lovers are not two at all; nor are they one.

For who can tell where the ocean ends and the horizon begins?

Who can gaze upon the moon without appreciating the great intimacy she shares with vast open space?

And when beautiful notes of music bring tears to our eyes, are those vibrating sounds not in love play with silence?

And the unbroken line of ancestors that came before us, that procession of copulating mothers and fathers as old as time itself, have they not all passed effortlessly into the great mystery; flesh and bones utterly and perfectly dissolved, like mist into sunlight.

And yet here we are, you and I, these bodies and minds, wonderful temporary appearances, like all phenomena. Every thought, sensation, dream, aspiration -- every single experience, and all forms -- self-perfected . . . then gone.

Absolutely gone.

This is the divine love affair; awareness and appearance dwelling in the constant bliss of non-separation.

Already and always, this union is the very foundation of our direct experience.

The question is: do we recognize it?